Monday, November 20, 2017

"Anti-Gravity" Propulsion Systems - II (Historical Stuff)

In the beginning of the 19th century, engineers began to apply the ideas of physics and thermodynamics to the construction of high quality artillery. This love-fest between the art of war and the world of physics soon grew to encompass flying machines and motor engines. By WWI - the marriage of physics and the war machine was going strong, and deadlier and more accurate weapons were being invented all the time. Like wayward children these inventions spread across the face of the earth and rapidly enhanced mankind's ability to extinguish itself. 

WWII programs like the Manhattan Project and Hitler's Wunder Waffen (Rockets) were the most terrifying of the pack that this abominable pair has brought into the world.  And the success of those efforts paved the way for more such horrors to come forth. 

As the copulation of Physics and the War Machine was always a secretive act, an alternate information handling system emerged to keep track of when these two got it on. Buried deep within national bureaucracy and secure from external review, this technical underworld became a center of great power as it was able to seduce and guile many a leader with dreams of unimaginable power. It was able to get funding by promising things that were far beyond human ability to comprehend or deliver. 

I feel the "anti-gravity" project is an example of this kind of thing. 

I don't think everyone was all bad but the Nazis were the worst when it came to this. While SS Major Werner Von Braun was using inmates from nearby concentration camps to work on his V1 and V2 rockets, a certain SS Maj. Gen. Hans Kammler was allegedly headed up an anti-gravity program. When the Third Reich fell these bastards defected to the Allies via Op Paperclip and Op Osoaviakhim. Von Braun came to the US, I suspect so did Hans Kammler. And even if the US went to great lengths to make sure they didn't get up to their usual genocidal tricks, these people became a bad influence on the US for the decades to come. The Russians ofcourse had their own pet Nazis[1].

There were several public indications that the USG had an intense interest in anti-gravity research. But like research into various aspects of Uranium and Plutonium refining these open sources all dried up. It makes sense that the USG sought to hide this as after all there was a (Cold) War on ... if you didn't know. And the last thing they wanted was those Godless Commies getting their hands on it. 

I feel the combination of the US fears of Communism and the influence of washed up Nazis created a unique climate in which a number of anti-gravity related IRAD (Independent Research and Development) activities were set up. I am hoping that Nick is able to shed light on some of those projects. I suspect most of these were scams - people promising performance way ahead of what was realistically knowable and I am certain these projects were administered by USG personnel with law degrees instead of science degrees. That always makes for a perfect scam. 

One interesting window into that world came in the form of the "Gravity Research Foundation" which was set up by Roger Babson [2]. This entity initially attracted all the weird people that were trying to cash in on the "anti-gravity" scam. The number of crazies that hung out over there was a good gauge for the extent of the scam. Over the decades the real physicists who needed funding for publicly audited academic research took over and kicked out the crazies. Today this body helps those who do some of the most advanced academic research into gravity. 

I have a very hard time believing stuff about Aliens. Given the age of the universe, I think it more likely that we are one of the first sentient species in this part of the galaxy. 

I suspect that most of what we hear about Aliens at Area 51 is a security measure put around this "anti-gravity" research. That kind of security measure is common when it comes to protecting spy plane projects and so on, but I suspect it is also meant to deflect too many uncomfortable questions about the details from other sources as well for example:

Engineer: "How does the strong force couple to gravity at this energy scale?"
Manager : "We don't know but the Aliens told us that we can use element 115 to do this". 
Engineer: "Oh that makes sense, I'll get back to sawing this log."


SAIC Auditor: "What is the line item on your project sheet labelled "Hookers, Blow and Expensive Booze in Vegas"?" 
Manager :"Umm... that is for our other project, you know the one that is code word, the stuff on the lake bed near ..."
SAIC Auditor:"Aliens..."
Manager : "Yeah... that one"
SAIC Auditor: "No worries, I hear you, just doing my due diligence"

Okay maybe that is a bit too harsh and cynical, but that is just me, I have (some would say) an overly sensitive bullshit meter, and this Alien/"Anti-Gravity"-space time bending-intergalactic travelling stuff really sets that off. 

If there are any actual Aliens and real scientists out there collaborating on helping mankind reach for the stars, my apologies to you. 

I mean to cause you no offense, my skepticism is merely informed by decades of watching humanity bullshit itself off a cliff. 

"Anti-Gravity" Propulsion Systems - I (Technical Stuff)

Nick Cook has started a YouTube channel that tells us about his journey through the lore of a secret US quest for an anti-gravity propulsion system. I highly recommend watching this channel as it will provide for serious entertainment. Nick is able to weave a compelling narrative, he has also had a ring side seat into the murky world of Black Budget aerospace research. And the science side is super interesting.

I just want to tell you all a bit about the science side and help twist out the confused nonsense that one often hears from UFOlogists in this area.

The word "anti-gravity" is used in the public domain to describe ways to overcome gravity and go up instead of down (towards the earth's surface). There are five basic/known ways to do this

1) Buoyant lift - Hot air balloons, hydrogen filled or helium filled airships all rise above the earth because the density of the gas inside them is lower than the density of the air around them. Gravity actually pulls heavier air down and that pushes the bubble of less dense gas inside the balloon up. [1]

2) Aerodynamic lift - this is the way an airplane works. The flow of air over an aerofoil shape generates an upward force on the shape. At high enough speeds, this force can overcome the weight of the wing and achieve apparent weightlessness. [2]

3) Electrohydrodynamic Lift - An electric field can move ions in the air. These moving ions in turn drag air molecules with them. The resulting air flow can be used to generate lift. Very few demos of this exist - owing to the fact that electric fields required are large and we don't have compact power sources. This is sometimes referred to as the Biefeld Brown ioncraft[3]

4) Magnetic Field Skimmers - The earth (and every other massive object) has a magnetic field. If you create a magnetization gradient, you can create a force that opposes gravity. It is actually quite challenging to precisely control the magnetization gradient in a material, and the easiest way to achieve this is to create a very large but tunable magnetic field gradient using opposed magnetic poles. (This is the Boyd Bushman idea [4]).

Apart from this three other ideas have been suggested as candidates for reducing gravity

1) "Strong Force/Gravity A": This is the idea that came from Bob Lazar who claimed to have worked on an alien inherited technology at S4 near Area 51. The problem with this approach is that there is no known example of the strong force extending beyond the confines of an atomic nucleus. There is just now some evidence of a Quark Gluon Plasma in the data at RHIC in Brookhaven, but the idea that one can create a large long range strong force fluctuation is unsupported by openly available data. Simply put - the Strong Force exists - but we don't know how to control it like that. [5]

2) Other sub-nuclear forces - All the arguments that are used by Lazar to claim the Strong force is capable of opposing gravity, are equally applicable to other ideas we have of sub-nuclear forces. Clearly something must happen when a star collapses into a black hole - we don't know how the nuclear forces (which become intensely repulsive at those densities) interact with the gravitational pressure. There appears to be a huge diversity of high density objects in space, so its not like gravity or the sub-nuclear forces win out every time. Again we know this stuff goes on but we have no real way of controlling it.

3) "Fifth Force"/"Dark Energy" - There is a lot of evidence on extra-galactic lengthscales that something is causing the universe to expand. If gravity was all that was out there - then all the matter in the universe would collapse into a single point (or equivalently space time would curve infinetely) but something is out there making space time flatter. We do not have any real knowledge of this. All the ideas of bending space-time over large distances would run into the physics of these unknown forces. So anything in this arena is very far out as our understanding goes.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Who is actually pulling the trigger in Saudi Arabia?

There is an unspoken, unwritten rule among the sons of the Saud - that no one shall spill pure blood.

That rule was broken last week.

In a naked power grab, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman launched a purge of all those who might have opposed his claim to power. He was encouraged to this by Trump via Jared Kushner.

As a result of this power grab - two Saudi princes are dead. Prince Mansour bin Muqrin was killed in a helicopter crash near Abha[1], and Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd was killed "resisting arrest"[2, 3].

News reports had indicated that Prince Miteb bin Abdul Abdullah, the head of the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) had been dismissed [4].  This development had unnerved a great many people as the SANG literally keeps the peace in KSA.  The SANG basically guaranteed that the unwritten and unspoken contract was held in place.

By disabling the SANG conflict resolution mechanism, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman set in motion a conflict that could only end with more Sudairi blood being spilled.

The commander of the SANG now reports to an "Anti-Corruption Committee" chaired by Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

In the days of old, SANG was really a wrapper around something called Vinnell Arabia. This agency despite it's mercenary appearances was critical to the security of the world's oil supply.

I don't think that SANG would ever spill royal Saudi blood.

I suspect whoever is pulling the trigger is not part of SANG.

Friday, November 03, 2017

So.... about those H1Bs

Everyone loves to hate H1Bs.

They take American jobs, they work longer hours for less money, they speak in strange languages, they eat weird foods that make the cafeteria smell, they drive badly, they don't understand our culture, etc... etc...

Far be it from me to grudge you a pet peeve, but here is some stuff about H1Bs you might not hate quite so much.

(If you are Steve Bannon, then you kind of hate everyone and everything cause you are just that way... so this won't make much difference to you).

1) H1Bs were hired because Gen X didn't have enough manpower - As the US became more prosperous, it became very expensive to manufacture in the US. As heavy industry left, the US economy became more dependent on software driven growth. There simply weren't enough people in Gen X or Baby Boomer Cohort II to meet the demand for software programmers. That's why so many H1Bs were hired. This injection of cheap labor allowed the US economy to remain viable even though industrial production shifted overseas.

2) H1Bs are like cheap oil (the US can't do without it) - Today there are a lot of Gen Y/Z people, so you might expect that the H1B intake reduces, but it won't - because H1Bs are the "cheap oil" of the labor market. Even with the pressure on the labor market from millions of millenials entering the workforce, the price of the labor in the US will remain high. This has nothing to do with "avocado toast" type factors, but with the cost of education in the US. With the USG spending so much money on entitlements for its aging Boomer population, it can't afford to fund the large numbers of educational institutions need to train all the millennials. So Gen Y/Z ends up bearing a greater fraction of the cost of education, this raises the cost associated with hiring a millennial. With high ranking execs demanding high raises and salaries, it is not possible to pay a large workforce comprised of poorly trained millennials. With boomers expecting their IRAs to keep growing forever, companies have to keep showing rising profits. So the only option is to get cheap labor - i.e. H1Bs or outsourcing.

3) H1Bs buy houses at inflated prices - This would seem like something you could use against them, but this is actually good for the US. When H1Bs buy houses, they often do so with cash they have earned here or with money they have converted to dollars from whatever they may have inherited from elsewhere. This is an effective wealth transfer from their home country to the US.

4) H1Bs pay social security and taxes even if they don't stick around to collect them - As so many H1Bs go back to their country after a few years, they never collect on the social security and medicare contributions they have made. This ensures that aging Boomers have more of a social security and medicare benefits than they would have had if they had if the same benefits had been paid by Gen Y/Z workers.

5) H1Bs pay visa processing fees - For every application that is made for an H1 visa, the US treasury gets a nice chunk of fees. These fees allegedly go towards paying most of the processing costs but there is plenty left over.

Now before you start with "its not about legal immigrants - it's about illegal immigrants" - Actually the same thing works in a modified form for illegal immigrants. They aren't going away any time soon either unless robots become a thing - and you will need cheap H1B labor to make robots happen... etc.. .etc... etc...

I can't make people stop hating the H1B system - there is always going to be something people don't like about it. Someone somewhere is always going to lose a job or a sense of job security from this kind of import.

That said - if you want to end this program - then you should recall the parable of the goose that laid golden eggs.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

NYC attack - Jihadi spectacular or RIS riposte?

We have two things going on at the same time and it isn't clear which of them is at play in the NYC events.

ISIS has suffered massive losses in Syria, Iraq and Marawi. The result of this has been irreparable damage to the ISIS brand. This predisposes them to seek out spectaculars that inspire participation and donors. It is not clear to me how and entity that has lost its HQ coordinates such attacks across the length and breadth of the planet. If this NYC attack is ISIS - then this is their second big international operation after Niger.

With the defection of George Papadopoulous, RIS operations have taken a big unexpected hit. As I discussed earlier - they rely on an "A Team" to maintain a fragile sense of nuclear security. If the Papadopoulous defection put that organization at risk, then they are going to do something to send a strong message to USIC. The message probably reads something like "Do not mess with our assets or we will fuck you up".

In the past we have heard that there are suicidal people that seem to want to push up the ISIS brand even though they have no visible contact with ISIS. This always stuck me as a bit odd, if you were a homicidal narcissistic type - you would want all the credit to go to you.  Why would you want to give all the credit to ISIS which did nothing to help you?  And why does ISIS only claim credit for these events days after the fact? So either these people aren't a homicidal narcissist or ISIS actually helped them or both.

In her fantastic work R Callimachi pointed to a network of PGP encrypted instant messaging apps that were used in a patchwork fashion by ISIS inspired attackers to communicate with ISIS control room.  If one were to break into the devices of these "Lone Wolves" I wonder how many of them would show this kind of contact with ISIS HQ.

This brings me to another interesting point - most of these PGP encrypted messaging apps are hosted in RU. Telegram is a major favorite of the ISIS Jihadi community. Everyone swears that Telegram is penetrated by RIS because of the funny thing that happened around the mansion of the guy who runs the company.

Another point that always sticks out to me is the extent to which RU backed sources go to blame "HTS" (nee Jabhat-Al-Nusra) as a CIA backed entity. Whenever possible Russian sources fill YouTube with vids of Russian bombers "hitting HTS hard" etc... The RU guys are always willing to point out that HTS volunteers come from the US and that they are able to freely travel through western nations. They point out that that US friendly regimes in the ME back Sunni extremists wherever possible. All this is to project the HTS as a ultimate problem in the ME.

The US OTOH maintains that the true "bad guys" in Syria/Iraq are ISIS. First person accounts from the region point to ISIS being a Iraqi Sunni front run by the dregs of the Saddam era Mukhabarat. Those guys were pretty pally with the RIS. There is also information about Chechens entering ISIS ranks and we are told by RU sources that Kadyrov is stand-up guy - very aligned with Putin.

So if I accept the RU premise that HTS is a CIA proxy/ally - can I also accept that ISIS is a RIS front/ally?

And then what am I really looking at in NYC?

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My limited understanding of RIS operations

I have read about these things for a really long time and tried to make sense of its all. This is the best I can come up with.

The RU does not entirely believe in the credibility of its own nuclear deterrent. It is not clear to me if they are really able to keep their physics packages in good working order, and if their guidance systems on ICBMs actually have the desired levels of reliability.

With that backdrop - IMHO - they are predisposed to using illegal agents to interfere with the nuclear command and control chain of the US and other nuclear armed adversaries. This mission is most likely tasked to the "illegals" or S Directorate. It has to be "illegals" because if a declared officer in an embassy or a military unit is used to do this - it could be interpreted as an act of war. The S Directorate unit used to be part of the KGB's First Chief Directorate and now it sits inside the SVR-RF. I use the term "A Team" to refer to this core operation and the extremely high quality agents that service it. I would not be surprised if S Directorate has access to small nuclear weapons with deniable isotope signatures. I would never dream of under-estimating their capabilities in any way.

As the S Directorate agents are extremely expensive, a lower grade of agent is used to keep the illegals and the core mission from harm. This screening force of lower grade agents is what I call this the "B Team".  I suspect that great care is taken to ensure that these screening agents are run via multiple "cut-outs" so as to avoid compromising the "A Team". The "B Team" agents are cheaper, either with little to no backstopping on their legends or with no legends at all and run via relatively simple NOC arrangements.

Given that the number of screening force agents has to be large if it is to isolate but still support the A Team and the massive cost associated with creating extremely well back-stopped legends, it is very very expensive to run this vast cloud of agents and resources scarcity is not entirely unexpected.

From accounts and analyses by more experienced people in the US, it appears the entire election interference in the US was carried out using "B Team" or screening force agents. When I first came across these analyses, my main thought was - How did B Team keep up its original mission while supporting the election of Donald Trump?

The answer to this question led me down many a rabbit hole over the last six months. I can't say have I have all the answers but it seems whatever has happened is very complicated.

As the Saudis dropped the oil price, the RU went into extreme economic distress. Exploitation of the Siberian oil reserves were no longer economically viable. Faced with the imminent destruction of his political patronage system Putin moved to seize the Ukranian oil fields. This fell afoul of the ONG Mafia's "No Grabbing" rule - and Putin was accused of the same crimes that Saddam was ages ago.

As the international sanctions kicked in things started to really hurt inside the Grand Duchy of Moscow. At this point I feel that RIS resources were massively re-tasked to support all operations that led to a resolution of the situation. My guess is that given the resource crunch in the Kremlin, the re-tasked resources were never replaced.

"Operation Assad", "Operation Erdogan" and "Operation Brexit" produced acceptable results, and that in turn fed the notion in the Kremlin that the "Operation to Elect Donald Trump" was the most promising option to resolve RU's difficult economic problem. This operation took up an increasingly massive chunk of RIS resources and the screening force around the "A Team" was thinned even further.

I wonder if things got so bad that the cart began to pull the horse - i.e. if "A Team" resources ended up having to expose themselves and support B Team's ever expanding fiasco - "Operation to Elect Donald Trump".

This is completely speculative, but if something like that happened, the residents of les will face the uncomfortable prospect of losing their ultimate insurance policy. One possible outcome of this is that RU will have to become more dependent on its nuclear weapons for security as it would no longer be able to rely on the S Directorate stopping the US first strike.

If any of this is true, then two things are likely to happen in the foreseeable future.

1) A credible and robust threat of a "Dead Hand" system, that would make for assured retaliation. We have seen some such talk emerge out of Kadryov but it will repeated from far more credible sources.

2) RU would ramp up drills of its nuclear deterrent and attempt to showcase the ability to launch extremely large numbers of nuclear weapons at once. This will demonstrate the RU ability to overwhelm the US missile defense capability.  We saw something resembling this in the week, there may be more to come.

We appear to be cursed to live in interesting times.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Chinese Armor Bde digs in near Doklam Plateau

(painfully rubbing my forehead).

At the height of the Doklam crises earlier this year, we began to see photos appear in various social media of a PLAGF military exercise [1] in outer Tibet. The exercise sought to examine the ability of a PLAGF formation to operate at >5000 m ASL. As you can see in the video, the PLAGF troops are practicing ways to attack bunkers on adverse slopes using infantry assaults and stand-off weapons.

Not long afterwards, images and videos surfaced on Twitter of a PLAGF armored squadron moving south of Damxung towards Lhasa - right beside Tibetan railway line. If you looked at that movie, it becomes pretty clear that unit was driving to a fight. The soldiers looked alert and the APCs were moving under their own power. Given how long of a drive it is, you wonder why PLAGF would want to put so many miles on their APCs. If it was just routine - they would  have arranged for rail transport or used trucks. The fact they were driving in the APCs meant that there was no time to go through the usual process. This suggested that the PLAGF felt the threat was emergent.

At around the same time, a lot of loose talk began to emerge on Indian social media of the IA seizing the Chumbi valley. Given that IA lines of communication in the Doklam area are short, this kind of threat was highly credible. At the time, I had become highly alarmed by this talk and where I saw it, I tried to stop it. I felt that even if the IA was only joking, the PLAGF would have no choice but to take that threat seriously.

Given how the Doklam standoff dragged on, the Bhakts pushed ever more aggressive positions vis-a-vis China and that led to a difficult situation. Chinese analysts could have been forgiven for thinking that the Modi regime was keen on picking a fight. In a bid to douse the runaway perception that a Chinese threat was imminent, someone in the Indian national security community gave an interview to the Indian press. In this interview, the anonymous source stated that the bridges on the Tsang Po river were being watched and that no movement south of the Lhasa bowl had been detected. This piece of information helped calm frayed nerves (of people like me). It told me that the situation was not as escalatory as I had originally thought and the IAF still had the option of taking out the bridges.

Using this piece of information and the Chinese posture reversal, the Modi Bhakts were able to project the entire Doklam situation as a glorious victory for Modi. AND (this is where it hurts the most) - I actually believed that was *essentially* true.

Even though it looked like the possibility of an escalation had waned, I worried about the fate of India friendly Tibetans in the Lhasa area. With an armor brigade parked in the Lhasa bowl, there would be tremendous pressure on those guys. I felt it would become difficult for them to operate freely and radiate information about PLAGF posture in the region as security would become tightened. With all the assurances emanating from Delhi, I felt I must be wrong, perhaps more advanced multi-spectral imaging would reduce the dependence on such sources.

Now out of the blue - a PLAGF brigade has materialized and dug in just north of Doklam[2]. And what is more important is that neither the IAF nor the NTRO nor the DIA nor the RAW raised an alarm when this unit moved across the Tsang Po! or made it's way so far south.

We have an entire PLAGF armor bde sitting with support elements including AD assets far south of Xigaze.

I am left confronting extremely uncomfortable questions - clearly I was stupid to believe that the situation was contained and that escalation had capped off but
  1. Was the initial assurance about surveillance deliberately crafted to make Modi look good? or
  2. Was information about this Bde crossing the Tsang Po suppressed for Modi's political benefit?
I have generally (and publicly) felt that Modi was at best mediocre when it came to national security issues. In his speeches he demonstrates a clear lack of understanding of the fundamentals of the complex issues India faces. In Gujarat - his "Hindu Hitman" image building (which was critical for him overcoming the local caste divide in Gujarati politics),  actually made physical security and counter-subversion extremely challenging. I was deeply unhappy about the manner in which SIB resources and double-cross operations had been subverted by Amit Shah to make it look like Modi was some kind of Security-God. It smacked of the stuff that Ariel Sharon would pull form time to time. And quite frankly killing random Muslims for the amusement of Bhakts and other fools is really disgusting.

But like most people I have held on to the hope that the machinery of the government was strong enough to make up for Modi's personal deficiencies. I - like - so many others put faith in the idea of NSA Ajit Doval.

My confidence in Sri. Doval has taken a hit over the years

1) I was stunned by his inability to speak truth to power on the demonetization issue.
2) I was disturbed by the Paras being unable to provide proof-of-kill during the "cross border raids". That just smacked of an operation focused on optics and not on substantial threat reduction.
3) I was shocked when Gen(r) Syed Ata Hasnain had to keep reminding people about the patriotism of Muslims. If an officer of his standing has to do this, what can an ordinary Muslim expect?

And now I am searching for answers about this Doklam fiasco.

So - why was an alert not sounded *before* the PLAGF unit positioned itself?

Inte door aane kyon diya unko? Vitasta paar aaye kaise yeh log? 

(Why did you let them come so far? How did they cross the Vitasta?*)

*The Vitasta is a psychological barrier in the Indian strategic mindset. Crossing the Vitasta is akin to the Roman phrase "Crossing the Rubicon".

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Where do you build your perfect survival bunker?

When people go to great lengths to hide something - they end up revealing whatever it is they are trying to keep secret.

Let's assume you are rich and have more money than you need to keep the act of being rich going. You want to invest in something will assure your survival even when SHTF.  Even if the entire world was destroyed, you (and your chosen companions) would survive.

This puts you in the market for a doomsday bunker.

Every such bunker needs three things

1) Captive water supply
2) Captive energy supply
3) Overburden.

Most people would say - that bunker needs to be in the middle of nowhere, however when it comes to bunkers isolation is not a good thing. Ultimately the bunker needs staff to operate. You need to have janitors to clean, service staff to keep it in working order. These have to be people you can trust, so a ethnically and religiously narrowed base is preferable to diverse population with no unifying principle. If you don't pick your staff carefully, then who knows, when SHTF - they'll kill you and take your bunker for themselves. So you need people you think you can control.

Also when you dig the earth to great depths, you need a place to keep all the soil you dig out. You also routinely encounter groundwater, so you need a place to pump it out to (usually a river or lake). It is possible to truck all the extra soil away, but it is smarter to just pile it on top of the actual bunker - that way you get your overburden for free.

Captive water supply and energy can be combined in a place that offers a nice lake or river and has a dam already built. If there are forests nearby one could access a source of wood and other biomass for heating purposes. Any mines or mineral deposits with associated refining infrastructure are big plus.

A relatively smart rich person will create a bunker, pile the soil on top and then put a mansion on top of the mound. The mansion is mostly camouflage, it costs a lot of money to put an underground facility in place (lots of drilling and stabilizing the cavity etc...) and without a mansion on top with ridiculously garish fittings, you draw attention to your hole in the ground.

So that makes it relatively easy to locate such facilities. Just go to Zillow and look for where the mansions are. Take the ones that are close to a lake but sit close to or on a mound of earth.

Naturally the companies that build such sites tend to be quite discreet but they are also end up becoming great friends with the rich people they "help out". Since rich people also have powerful political friends, the quickest way to see the builders of such facilities, is to spot the ones with unusual public relationships with political figures. Like ones that get public contracts when they clearly don't deserve it.

Now.. cough cough Whitefish cough cough ... excuse me, I think I need to get a glass of water.